Things to do in Winchester?

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A few days ago, my first article was published on the Travelista Club! It’s a travel guide about things you can do in the historical city of Winchester, Hampshire, UK. Here’s a sneak peak…

Anyone interested in English history would be a mere amateur if they haven’t yet visited Winchester. Filled with historically significant buildings and statues, Winchester is the ancient former capital city of England, at least, before William the Conqueror was crowned in London in 1066. Though now resigned to being a mere county town, much less important in terms of its influence, Winchester will always remain an interesting and enlightening visit for any English history enthusiast, with many activities too for those not only visiting for its history. This article will outline my picks for the best sights to see in Winchester.

Winchester Cathedral

If you travelled to Winchester without intending on seeing the cathedral, then you would be the only one. Built over 900 years ago, replacing another cathedral built 500 years before that, this impressive building is one of the largest cathedrals in the UK. It is home to the tombs of many pre-Norman kings of England and Wessex, and also that of William the Conqueror’s son William II. The cathedral also hosted the second coronation of King Richard I in 1194, and the marriage between Queen Mary I of England and King Philip II of Spain in 1554. It is full of impressive architecture.

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But that’s barely the start – there’s plenty more facts and activities to read about in the article! You can read the rest here: Sights to See in Winchester, UK

There’s plenty more on the Travelista Club too: hundreds of articles by travel enthusiasts about places all around the globe. And the best bit? Unlike almost every other article website, they aren’t filled with sponsored content and adverts. They’re genuine accounts from genuine travellers, who describe what real people enjoy doing in these places. Hopefully that was clear enough from my own article – I can’t imagine many other online travel guides for Winchester bigging up St Giles’ Hill!

The view from St Giles’ Hill I photographed for my article.

Now…I just need to find a way to squeeze in something about Winchester sightseeing into a university essay so that I can reference myself in an act of the most shameless self-promotion on the planet… but this might be too much of a stretch, even for my own bibliographic contortions stuffing as many references as I can into essays.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna force back some motivation to write more on this blog. You can check out my arguments in favour of a tax on sugar here!


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